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WhizCut About Us

The World of WhizCut

The World of WhzCut

Demand on production for small parts around the world is continuously increasing. Higher expectations and more pressure are put on the producers of these parts. This is where WhizCut comes in.
At WhizCut we understand the day to day challenges the users of automatic lathes are up against. To assist these users WhizCut has developed many very useful products for all automatic lathes around the globe.
We try; to put it simple, to find new solutions for existing problems within the world of small part machining. Our company is based on these new products that will make your production faster, more precise and effective. No matter if your work is in external cutting or internal cutting , we have the solutions to boost your production.
WhizCut is determined to continuing being one of the leading manufacturers for small part machining in the world.

Why WhizCut?

Because we put your productivity first. Our tools are developed in close co-operation with existing customers.
Together we can find smart new ways to solve old problems.

Committed to quality in every way

WhizCut has always taken pride in delivering top quality tooling. All our inserts are checked at 60 times enlargement and the tool holders are constantly examined very thoroughly before being sent out. This is to make sure that you as our customer receive geometries and clean cutting edges expected by high end products.
We at WhizCut therefore guarantee that there is no chipping or other defaults in our products.
Fast shipment and reliable deliveries are also a major factor in the quality of our products. For this reason we always make sure that our products arrive at its destination on time.
We believe that our thorough quality work through the whole production process makes the WhizCut products one of the highest quality products on the market.


World wide presence

WhizCut turnover

WhizCut has from the very beginning been an actor on the international market. Now, 10 years after the company was established, WhizCut products are sold in 25 countries around the world.
Of WhizCut’s turnover around 97% is exported and 85 % of the total turnover is shipped outside Europe. WhizCut is as a company formed to be international, making it our everyday work. Understanding customer needs in different cultures is an important step toward maintaining world wide presence.
One of the competitive advantages of being a true global company is the knowledge gained all around the world. Through many experiences in different countries we know how to handle new situations and how to solve production problems.


The idea behind it all

Mr Erik Schmidt, founder of WhizCut

Mr. Erik Schmidt is the founder of WhizCut and the designer behind our original patents. He is a well known figure within the metal cutting industry and is, among other things, the inventor of the Snap-Tap threading attachment in 1965 which is produced even today.
He has since then, developed many revolutionary products and received a well deserved respect by fellow tool designers for an expertise that is very rare today.
For us at WhizCut, it all started with Mr. Schmidt’s invention of the WhizFix tool holder system in 1996 which became a total market changing product only one year later. To this invention Mr. Schmidt also developed the today well known geometry’s of the WhizCut inserts.
Today Mr. Schmidt still develops new products for WhizCut making us a leading developer and supplier of tooling for CNC automatic lathes.
WhizCut is still owned by Mr. Schmidt and his two sons Mr. Chris Schmidt and Mr. Michael Schmidt. Being a family owned company WhizCut can focus on long term goals which will make sure that we look after you as a customer first and foremost. It also gives WhizCut certain resources as a company to evolve both products and business.


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WhizCut Automatic Lathes

CNC Swiss Automatic Lathes

Tooling for CNC Swiss Automatic Lathes

WhizCut offers a complete range of carbide cutting tools specially developed for CNC Swiss automatic lathes. With our new technology WhizCut will help You improve productivity and reduce interruptions in production in your CNC Swiss automatic lathe.

WhizCut - Tooling for CNC Swiss automatic lathes

The following is a list of CNC Swiss automatic lathes with gang tool setup

MachineToolshankLength if specified
Citizen Cincom B12-l 10x10 100
Citizen Cincom B12-V 10x10 100
Citizen Cincom L16-lll 10x10 60-150
Citizen Cincom L20-lll 12x12 60-150
Citizen Cincom L16-Vll 10x10 60-150
Citizen Cincom L20-Vll 12x12 60-150
Citizen Cincom L25 16x16 60-130
Citizen Cincom M12 10x10  
Citizen Cincom M16 10x10 alt 12x12  
Citizen Cincom M20 10x10 alt 12x12  
Citizen Cincom MSL12 10x10  
Citizen Cincom e32-lV 16x16 90
Ge Fong GNP-1712-D 12x12  
Cubic Machinery Diamond 12/16 10x10  
Cubic Machinery Diamond 20 12x12  
Cubic Machinery Diamond 32 16x16  
Gildemeister GLD 12 12x12  
Hardinge Conquest ST216-A/B 12x12  
Hardinge Conquest ST220-A/B 16x16  
Hardinge Conquest ST225-A/B 16x16  
Hanwa Hanex XP 12 8x8 85
Hanwa Hanex XP 18 12x12 85
Hanwa Hanex SNP 11 8x8 85
Hanwa Hanex SNP 17 12x12 85
Hanwa Hanex BS 18 12x12 85
Hanwa Hanex SS25 16x16 100
Hanwa Hanex BS 18    
Manurhin Compact 12x12  
Manurhin Swing 13 12x12  
Manurhin Swing 20 16x16  
Star Micronics SW-7 8x8 80-120
Star Micronics SA-12 10x10 95-125
Star Micronics SA-16 10x10 95-125
Star Micronics SR-16 12x12  
Star Micronics SR-20 12x12  
Star Micronics SR-32 16x16 100-135
Star Micronics SH-12    
Star Micronics RNC-16A/Bll    
Star Micronics KNC-25ll 16x16 78
Star Micronics KNC-32ll 16x16 78
Star Micronics SST-16 12x12 95-115
Star Micronics SV-20 12x12 alt 16x16  
Star Micronics SV-32 16x16 135
Swiftlevel Superswift 160 12x12  
Swiftlevel Superswift 220 12x12  
Tornos-Bechler Deco 2000-10 8x8  
Tornos-Bechler Deco 2000-20 16x16  
Tsugami BO12 12x12 85
Tsugami BO16 12x12 85
Tsugami BS12 12x12 85
Tsugami BS16 12x12 85
Tsugami BS20 16x16  
Tsugami BS26 16x16  

Please tell This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of any CNC Swiss automatic lathe not in this list.


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WhizCut Indexing

WhizFix - Indexing the Insert

The WhizFix tool holder system uses a pin and a nut to make it possible to index or change the insert from the opposite side of the tool holder. The WhizCut tool holder system is the most effective system for CNC automatic lathes on the market today.

To index an insert into a WhizFix tool holder you first assemble the bent pin, insert and nut together. You then insert the package, by holding in the nut, from the side of the tool holder. When the insert is sitting in the tool holder you tighten the nut with your fingers. The final tightening is done from the back of the tool holder with a screwdriver. The insert is then automatically drawn into place.

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Indexing an insert takes no more than 15 seconds.
Changing an insert takes 30 seconds. By having an insert pre-assembled on another pin, the insert can always be indexed or changed in 15 seconds.

By indexing an insert with WhizFix there is no risk of damaging the new cutting edge.

Did you know:
The sharp edge of a carbide cutting edge can easily be chipped by touching a piece of steel or other material that normally is very easy to machine. This can easily happen if the tool holder is removed and re-clamped by finding the position by light touch of tool to the work-piece or bar.


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WhizCut Carbide

WhizCut Carbide Grades

WhizCut Carbide Inserts

WhizCut inserts are specially developed to suit the cutting conditions in CNC Swiss automatics. The WhizCut precision carbide inserts are made of carbide which results in maximum strength when looking at hardness and wear resistance. All cutting edges are fully ground and exceptionally sharp. This, together with the latest types of coating and suitable cutting geometries, gives WhizCut inserts an excellent tool life.

Grades of Carbide

The WhizCut carbide inserts are available in both PVD coated and uncoated Micrograin carbide with hardness over 1700 Hv. The grades are classified as follows:

Stock Standard Carbide Grades for external inserts

  • 8M is an uncoated grade covering ISO groups K10-K20 and M10-M20.
  • C8 is a coated grade covering ISO groups K05-K20, M05-M20 and P05-P10.
  • F8 is a TiAIN multicoated grade where extreme heat is developed when machining.
  • B8 is Is a AlCrN coating for materials such as titanium etc. where extreme heat is developed during machining.

Stock Standard Carbide Grades for internal boring bars

  • 10M is an uncoated micrograin grade at ISO K20-K30 for non ferrous materials.
  • C10 is an TIN, PVD coated micrograin grade covering ISO groups P20-P30 and K10-K30 for longer tool life and higher cutting speeds in Steel, Stainless etc.

  • F10 is a TiAlN multicoated grade suitable when extreme heat (900°C) is developed during machining.

  • B10 is a AlCrN coating suitable when extreme heat (1100°C) is developed during machining.

The New Improved Carbide Grade

WhizCut replaces carbide grades resulting in a 30% increased tool-life

Last year we performed some extensive tests with different new types of grades for our carbide insert tooling. Many of our customers were working together with us on this very important project. The result from these tests was a great success. We found one type of carbide being outstanding in improving the tool-life and performance of our inserts without any negative results compared with our present grades 8M, C8 and F8.

The new carbide in the 8M, C8 and F8 grades is harder but still has the same strength as the old ones. It is therefore considerably more wear-resistant and has given an average of 30% better insert tool-life. We have therefore decided to replace our previous grade. We are fazing out our stock of our old grade and have started delivering inserts with the new grade. Inserts with the new grade will have a label that says “New improved grade”.

It is our firm belief that all our customers will see the results of increased tool-life and productivity.

1mm Parting off manufactured parts per insert
Manufactured Parts Per Insert

WhizCut Home

Precision Tooling for CNC Swiss type Automatic Lathes

Tooling for CNC Swiss Automatic Lathes

WhizCut offers a complete external and internal range of tool holders and carbide inserts specially developed for CNC Swiss type automatic lathes. With this new precision tooling WhizCut will help You improve productivity and reduce interruptions in production in your Swiss lathe.

WhizFix Tool holder System

The WhizFix tool holder system for external turning in swiss automatics uses a bent pin and a nut to index the insert. Indexing an insert is easy, accurate and quick. You can index or change the insert while the tool holder is in the machine even if there only is access from the back side of the tool holder.


WhizThread Tooling for External Threading 

The WhizThread tooling system is a full range of threading tools for Swiss automatics. The threading inserts have four fully ground cutting edges and are available in wide range of geometries. The threading tool holders are designed to give the threading inserts maximum stability. All this together results in a treading tool system for CNC Swiss automatics that outperforms any other tooling setup.

The WhizThread tool holders are available with the world renowned WhizFix tool holder system for reduced interruptions in production in CNC Swiss automatics. 


WhizIn Internal Cutting System

The WhizIn tool holder for internal turning in Swiss automatics has the carbide boring bar mounted at an angle to achieve greater precision. By mounting the carbide boring bar at an angle we grind away less from the base of the insert which makes the boring bar more stable. Other benefits are less grinding time and grinding stress and that the coolant may go through the tool holder and spray directly on to the cutting zone.


WhizThrill Solid Carbide Thread Mills

The WhizThrill deburring solid carbide thread mills take thread milling to the next level. WhizThrill will change the way thread mills are used today.
WhizThrill thread mills are produced with the best carbide and coating combination to be in forefront of technology both when it comes to tool design and material. WhizCut also offers a wide range of micro thread mills with extra tool strength. 


WhizCut Special features

  • A threading tool system optimized for Swiss automatics
  • A full range of threading inserts
  • An internal tooling program with outstanding stability
  • Wide range of internal boring bars
  • Boring bar diameter starts at 1 mm
  • Solid carbide thread mills with deburring
  • Custom made external and internal inserts can be specially made to suit customer needs




WhizCut precision Swiss tooling is ideal for most CNC Swiss automatic lathes such as Star, Citizen, Tsugami, Gildemeister and Tornos.

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